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The Cast

Here be a little bio on the characters. There may be more in the future.

Races (with their respective hierarchy known) found so far in this universe are: Elf {Elven Realm}, Neko {Neko Kingdom}, Human, Tenshi, Youkai (sub-species: Vampire, Yosouya).

Elf and Neko are at war with each other. Tenshi and Youkai are at war with each other. Vampires have remained in the shadows. Humans have the odd tendency to disappear for no reason.

Note about names: In my world, the first one or two words to a name is their rank/title/job the person is known for and the last word is their first name. There isn't exactly a last name, only a reference to which house/family they came from.

Good Guys

Prince Beatus Name: Prince Beatus
Race: Elf
Appearance: Long blond hair (loose), teal eyes, elf ears.
Info: As prince of the Elven Realm, Prince Beatus had certain obligations to meet. However, since he's fallen in love with Candeo, he's been doubting the law and his betrothal to Princess Gatito. He must choose between his love and his duty. Whomever he chooses will determine the fate of the entire Elven Realm.

Candeo Name: Candeo
Race: Elf
Appearance: Long chestnut hair (originally loose; but when taken on a new identity, braided), violet eyes.
Info: All his life, he's known nothing but abandonment and betrayal, but when he met the prince of the Elven Realm, he learned to love. But the question is: at what cost? He must help his lover discover a way around the marriage, or else he will have to consider the safety of the Elven Realm and leave in exile.

Princess Gatito Name: Princess Gatito
Race: Neko
Appearance: Short dark brown hair, cat ears on top of her head, cat eyes, a cat's tail and feet.
Info: At a very young age, Princess Gatito was betrothed to Prince Beatus for peace between their two warring nations. However, what their parents didn't count on was her falling in love with her own bodyguard and Prince Beatus falling for someone else.

Body Guard Cicatriz Name: Body Guard Cicatriz
Race: Neko
Appearance: Short dark brown hair with a single little braid down the back (like a padawan braid from Star Wars), cat ears on top of his head, cat eyes (right one with a scar on it), a cat's tail and feet.
Info: After saving Princess Gatito's life, at the cost of an eye, he became her body guard. But don't let having one eye fool you though, he developed a skill to help him compensate for the difficulty in judging distances.

Spellcaster Sirene Name: Spellcaster Sirene
Race: Merfolk
Appearance: Long wavy sea-green hair (loose), blue eyes, fin for ears, a fish tail in the bottom half of her body.
Info: Trained in the mystic arts, Sirene is able to figure out some is behind Candeo's disappearance, but unfortunately, was unable to discover their identity.

Bounty Hunter Koran Name: Bounty Hunter Koran
Race: Human
Appearance: Short dark brown hair, blue eyes; for some odd reason, he is rarely seen without his cloak.
Info: At the strange disappearance of of his own people, Koran wandered around for many years before becoming a bounty hunter. The disappearance of Candeo reminded him of his own lost people, and so, he joined the quest to search for the missing elf. Oh, and the reward was most promising too.

Proscrito Name: Proscrito
Race: Neko/Tenshi Mix
Appearance: Long light brown hair (braid), cat ears on top of his head, kinda human eyes (since no one seemed to see Tenshi eyes), a cat's tail.
Info: Outcasted by his own peoples of both Neko and Tenshi descent for being half Neko and half Tenshi, Proscrito tagged along with Bounty Hunter Koran in hopes of redeeming himself in the eyes of the Neko and Tenshi.

Bad Guys

Master Vampire Oblivion Name: Master Vampire Oblivion
Race: Vampire (Youkai sub-species)
Appearance: Hair spiked into horns, black eyes (even though sometimes I don't show it on strips), elonged canines, often seen in a fancy robe.
Info: Master Vampire who enjoys the taste of war drenched blood. When the proposal for peace was formed, he went into action to try and stop it.

Advisor Dilucido Name: Advisor Dilucido
Race: Neko
Appearance: A lion's mane for hair, lion's ears on top of his head, cat eyes, body hunched and covered in his long robe.
Info: As advisor, Advisor Dilucido was able to control the very actions of the royalty ruling without harm done to himself. He had realized that if peace is established, his hold over the royalties will diminish. To keep his hold, he will go as far as starting another war.

Silver Fox Name: Silver Fox [changed from category good to bad]
Race: Tenshi/Youkai Mix
Appearance: Short spiked up hair with a little patch in the front that's a different color with 3 braids from the back bottom of his head, violet eyes, elf ears, a cross between demon and angel wings.
Info: Leader of a gypsy band of outcasts. He accepted Candeo into the group and gave him a new name. Eventually he falls in love with Candeo, newly named Phoenix, and he goes to Oblivion for help.

Archer Cupid Name: Archer Cupid
Race: Yosouya (Youkai sub-species)
Appearance: Long wavy hair (loose with a little twirl in front), blank eyes (no iris/pupils).
Info: Trapped by the agreement of Oblivion's contract, Cupid struggles to do her 'odd jobs', battle her conscience, and be with her beloved.

Other Guys

King Regalis Name: King Regalis
Race: Elf
Appearance: Long white hair (loose), blue eyes, elf ears.
Info: To finally put an end to a war that has lasted generations, he suggested a marriage to tie the Neko Kingdom and the Elven Realm together for peace. When he discovered his son and only heir loving another who was also a male, he had consulted the Prophetess Chakuriku to see what may happen, just to please his son. The answer wasn't comforting.

King Rey Name: King Rey
Race: Neko
Appearance: A lion's mane for hair, lion's ears on top of his head, cat eyes, body covered by his royal garb.
Info: Firm, but fair, King Rey agreed to the marriage proposal, wanting peace for his people as well. However, under the influence of his advisor, he began to see a different advantage to take for the destruction of the Elven Realm.

Prophetess Chakuriku Name: Prophetess Chakuriku
Race: Tenshi
Appearance: Short blond hair, eyes always seemed to be closed, halo around head.
Info: Chosen for her wisedom and accurate fortelling, Prophetess Chakuriku fortold dangerous times for either choice. It seemed that something else is afoot.

Seer Hermes Name: Seer Hermes
Race: Yosouya (Youkai sub-species)
Appearance: Long light blue hair (loose), blank eyes (no iris/pupils), bandana around head.
Info: Unknown at this time. AKA, I haven't figured out what his part in all this is. Yet.
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